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The Alternative Post was created over 4 years years to shed light on an "Alternative" approach to health and wellness. 

Here at the Alt Post we believe that there are so many healthy alternatives to modern medicine when it comes to managing chronic illness and weight loss.

There are so many amazing healthy and low cost alternatives for people to help them with issues like Obesity, Weight Loss, Diabetes. 

Our mission is to find and review the best choices out there for you and arm you with the information you need to make an educated decision about your treatment plan


3 Pillars Of Health

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Everyone needs the right plan to follow.  There are so many out there and how do you choose?! You have Keto, Paleo, Mediterranean, Calorie Counting, Atkins, Etc. there are so many choices!!!  We are here to recommend the best plans in each category and let you decide what is best for you

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We believe food is medicine. With proper nutrition you can overcome almost any issue you are having with your health. We've seen miraculous turn arounds over and over again and it always begins with one thing...FOOD.  But in these modern times the reality is you can't eat healthy all the time.  You just can't. We are here to help you find alternatives that are actually sustainable. 

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There is one certainty in life...If you don't change a single thing, NOTHING will change.  In other words if you want the same results (overweight, overwhelmed, poor self esteem, poor self image, ETC) just keep doing the same thing. Or you can begin to embrace change.  True change always starts with a "first step" and we are great at helping you identify that "first step" and get you down the path of amazing and beautiful life change


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